God and science: the effect of water quality on the health and well-being of the community of west orange, new jersey

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Water is a resource needed for sustaining all living creatures. With the events reported about water contamination in Flint, Michigan, it is imperative for communities to be concerned about the quality of their drinking water. This Demonstration Project aims at create awareness about the Water Quality in West Orange, NJ, and the local communities. The site of the project was Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in West Orange, NJ. I delivered a sermon series at the church. I made multiple presentations about How to Understand the Water Quality Report of West Orange, NJ, at the church, and in the participation and collaboration with small interest groups about the environment and specifically Water Quality in New York and New Jersey. Consistent with my research, I opened an avenue of communication with the Township of West Orange and the NJ American Water company to gain access, understanding, and clarification of the Water Quality Reports for West Orange, NJ. Questionnaires in Spanish and English were distributed, and the data was collected and analyzed. The small data sample showed that there is a crucial need for communities to be educated about water pollution in general. It was also revealed that Water Quality Reports are very complex and difficult to be understood by lay people, and its simplification is needed. Electronic media can be a vehicle to create an awareness campaign to inform the public about Water Quality.  
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